A cosy British wool bedding from Devon Duvets, handcrafted for a luxurious sleep experience

At Devon Duvets we’re very proud to support British farming because British sheep flocks are amongst the best cared for in the world. Britain has also been famous for the quality of its wool for over two thousand years and so by using British wool, we are continuing an ancient British tradition of using this wonderful natural fibre to craft quality products.

We’ve been making luxurious wool filled bedding products for over 14 years and created the first 100% British made, 100% British wool filled duvet. We’ve also been committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing from the beginning of our journey – and that’s another reason for only using British wool and for making our products ourselves because it means we can ensure we are directly involved at every step of the way. It also helps us to keep our carbon footprint low.

What do we look for when choosing our wool?

Being able to individually handcraft products with consistently high-quality standards has been achievable because we select wool from a single breed that grows a fleece of just the right softness, density, and springiness, to make bedding that maximises your sleep experience. Our wool comes from live sheep who are sheared in the spring and summer when they need to lose their heavy winter fleeces - and from British farmers who we have known for many years and who are committed to excellent animal welfare. The sheep regrow their fleeces in time for winter and so this makes wool a truly sustainable fibre.

Is our wool traceable?

Our wool is fully traceable, from farm to duvet, topper or pillow, and is certified as such by British Wool, the only independent organisation that provides official certification. For being a part of the British Wool traceability programme (an initiative that we helped to launch), our farmers receive a premium above the market value for their wool.

Is our wool natural?

The wool we choose is of a very high grade and is also naturally white, so we don’t need to bleach it. We want to be sure that our wool retains as many of its wonderful natural properties as possible – so we don’t use any chemicals when we clean our wool. Our wool is cleaned in British mills and then needled into soft fluffy layers ready for our seamstresses to work their magic in our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor.

What else is great about wool?

It’s breathable and temperature regulating, so can help keep your core body temperature stable whilst you sleep – and that means you get a more peaceful sleep. A more peaceful sleep is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. Wool is also naturally resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria and so that makes it more hygienic and good for those who have trouble sleeping as a result of dust mite allergies.

If you’d like to hear more about our wool and how we developed our products, then take a look at this video.

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