Why wool isn’t just for winter in your duvet

Most of us associate wool with cold weather – and certainly our fabulous, super soft, high tog duvets are perfect for snuggling in the Winter months. However, the great thing about wool is that because it is a 100% natural material, it is breathable and therefore temperature regulating.

In a nutshell, wool has the remarkable ability to keep you cool in the hotter months, as well as keep you warm when it’s cold. 

This makes it the perfect filling for the lightweight duvets we handcraft for use in the Spring, Summer and even into Autumn. In fact, as a natural material, it is so efficient at temperature regulating, that for those of us who sleep in a warmer bedroom, or who suffer from the dreaded night sweats, a lightweight wool duvet will often be the ideal choice year-round. Even better, we’re delighted to have won awards from two national newspapers and Prima magazine included our lightweight wool duvets in their March special feature on the menopause.

Wool is very efficient at trapping air, making it even more able to regulate your body temperature. We maximise on this during the process of milling our wool. British wool for our duvets is taken to British mills, where it is washed and cleaned, without the use of chemicals or bleach. It is then needled to create ‘loft’ – a process that fluffs the wool, creating a light and airy sheet that is then handcrafted into a 100% natural cotton casing by our expert seamstresses at our Devon workshops.

If you suffer from allergies, wool is also a great option, especially in the summer when we tend to lose more fluid whilst sleeping. More fluid going into our bedclothes means more micro bacteria and it also creates the ideal environment for those pesky, allergen-creating, dust mites. Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and so will help alleviate those uncomfortable nights.

We also make a range of 100% British wool mattress toppers. Using one of these on top of your mattress not only offers some protection but also creates an extra layer of comfort. This can be especially helpful if you have a memory foam mattress, the materials of which can generate extra heat in the summer, making sleeping hot and uncomfortable. In this instance, a wool mattress topper will help to dissipate the heat, ensuring a better night’s sleep.

We only ever use top quality 100% British wool in our wool products and we’re very proud to have achieved certification by British Wool, who allow us to use their mark on our products and in our marketing. This means that you can confident that when you buy your handcrafted 100% British wool duvet, mattress topper and pillows from us, that this is exactly what you are getting - and you are supporting British farmers and their flocks at the same time.