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Little Lana - for children

The children's brand of Devon Duvets


Children are very sensitive to their environment and it is important that they feel comfortable to achieve a good nights sleep.  In our experience, children feel very comforted and secure when sleeping under our wool duvets.

Our natural Little Lana children’s wool duvets and wool pillows provide the perfect sleeping environment.  The Platinum Grade British Wool we use has not been bleached or chemically treated and combined with the natural ability of wool to resist dust mite helps to relieve any symptoms of allergies or asthma.  

All of the products in the Little Lana Collection are machine washable (spin dry well and air dry) a big advantage when you have small children.

Little Lana products are individually handcrafted in our Devon Duvets workshop using only the finest natural materials, there are no artificial fibres, glues or bonding agents used - only pure British Platinum grade wool that has not been bleached or chemically treated and 100% cotton, reducing your childs exposure to chemicals whilst they sleep.

We have three sizes of childrens duvets available, Small cot bed size (only available in 300 gsm), Junior/Toddler bed size (only available in 300 gsm) and Single bed sizes (available in 300 gsm and 600 gsm) for older children, to provide a selection for you to choose from.  Shop Little Lana.

Note:  We do not recommend that children younger than 12 months sleep under a duvet.  Even though natural wool is scientifically proven to breathe and help regulate body temperature, care should be taken in choosing the weight of duvet for children.  Parents should monitor to ensure their child does not become overheated as a childs' body temperature can work differently to adults and this together with the temperature of the sleeping room and the fabric of their pyjamas should be considered.  We recommend that you do not exceed 300 gsm for children under 10 years and if you feel that extra insulation is required in the colder months, we recommend that you use a blanket made from a natural fibre that can be pulled up over the 300 gsm duvet to add flexible insulation that parents can control. As the child becomes older, a thicker 600 gsm duvet can be considered.  

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