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  1. How do I choose the best winter wool duvet?

    How do I choose the best winter wool duvet?

    Here at Devon Duvets, we make beautiful handcrafted, natural, certified 100% British wool duvets for all seasons. However, right now, winter is here and we’re all looking for that extra snuggle factor to help us get the best possible night’s sleep. 

    Everyone is different though; everyone’s body temperature varies so it’s important to ensure that you sleep under a duvet that’s specific to your requirements.  

    The question is: how do I choose the best winter duvet?  Our customers often ask us this, so we thought we’d chat about the available options below. Depending on which option you go for, you’ll have a choice of tog equivalents from 4 togs, right up to a massive 20 togs! Bear in mind that wool is a natural temperature regulator so will react to your body temperature far more efficiently than a synthetic duvet.

    • You live in a warm house, or you keep your heating on all night during winter – or you are just naturally someone who gets hot at night (yes, those dreaded ‘night sweats’!): You may find that our lightweight 100% British wool duvet (approximately 4 togs) will stand you in good stead all year round. You could also add our 100% British wool mattress topper and/or 100% British wool pillows in winter.
    • You don’t keep the heating on all night, and you prefer a thicker duvet in winter: Opt for our winter medium weight duvet, with a tog range equivalent to 8 – 14 togs. This duvet will regulate to your body temperature and most of our customers have found this is the perfect duvet for winter. Again, our certified 100% British wool mattress toppers will add the extra snuggle factor, should you want it.
    • You live in a cold region, have a cool house or like to have your window open to the elements in winter, whatever the weather: You could choose to opt for one of our extra warm winter duvet sets, which will give you up to a 20 tog equivalent. This set consists of one of our lightw
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  2. What do our customers say about our handcrafted bedding?

    What do our customers say about our handcrafted bedding?

    We’ve been voted as having the best duvets by various national publications and that’s fantastic…but it’s what our customers say that means so much to us.  We put our heart and soul into handcrafting our certified 100% British wool and vegan-friendly Botanic duvets, plus our pillows and mattress toppers, at our Devon workshops. So, it gives us a real buzz when we hear from our satisfied customers that the hard work was so worthwhile.

    We promise that we’ll never rest on our laurels but we’ve picked a few reviews to share, from the hundreds that we get - and we actively encourage that all-important feedback! The great thing about being based in Devon is that we’re right here to help with any queries, or if you need to chat to us about a bespoke size of one of our products. Just give us a call on 01752 345399 or write to us.


    “We had a medium weight duvet from the ( deleted.....) and it has always annoyed me how it doesn’t fit inside a standard UK size double bed set. The corners were round and I was forever trying to straighten the duvet out. No more!  The Devon duvet fits perfectly and although it’s the same tog or weight as our previous duvet, it’s got a lot more filling in it and is so much warmer. Thanks.”Kev

     "I had heard how good these duvets were from my friend, and having brought one, I am amazed at the difference it has made to my night’s sleep. For some reasom I sleep more peacefully.”Kathy

    “I have CPRS so prone to night sweats due to body on fire temperature. Have tried every duvet filling going, then after research thought would try wool. Why didn’t I try wool first

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  3. Why are wool pillows perfect for Winter?

    Why are wool pillows perfect for Winter?

    One of the most important factors for a good night’s sleep is making sure you have the most comfortable pillow you can lay your head on. Most of us know what we prefer when it comes to our favourite pillow, but it can be difficult to find one that does everything you need, year-round.  

    What’s more, there are those of us who prefer to sleep with the window open, even in Winter. Including when the rain is lashing down outside, the wind is howling and the curtains are blowing. Others prefer to keep everything tightly closed and have the heating on all night. So how do you find a pillow that keeps your head warm if you’re one of the former, but also ensures that you don’t overheat if you’re one of the latter?

    The best solution is a wool pillow because wool is naturally breathable and temperature regulating. It therefore keeps you warm when you are cold and vice versa, and a wool pillow will adjust to your body temperature throughout the night, helping a more restful sleep.

    Here at Devon Duvets, we offer two different types of wool pillow. Both are filled with certified 100% British wool, encased in beautifully soft 260 thread count 100% natural cotton - and each one is individually handcrafted by our expert seamstresses, in our Devon workshops. 

    The first is our original wool pillow, filled with 100% twizzled British wool and we have incorporated a zip so that those who prefer a slightly lower pillow can remove some of the wool. The other is our unique patented folding pillow, available in 2-fold, 3-fold and 4-fold versions, offering any picky pillow lover complete flexibility in levels of firmness and neck support. You can find out more about the benefits of our folding pillow by watching our video.

    The other great thing about wool is that it naturally r

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