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    Are you a morning sleeper?

    Recent research about sleep and sleep behaviours was carried out by the British Wool organisation, and with some surprising results.  Here’s a few things they discovered:
    ·      On average, Brits wake up three times a night. There are many reasons for this, including being too hot; 48% polled specified this issue as the cause for a disrupted night’s sleep.
    ·      48% of us find it difficult to ‘switch off’ with 22% worrying about work and what we need to do at the office the next day.
    ·      Of those asked as part of the study, 78% of Britons insist on sleeping on the same side of the bed each night.
    ·      Almost two thirds (62%) confessed that they snore at night – with 12% admitting they do it all the time!
    The study also revealed that Britain is home to a nation of night owls, with six in ten Brits saying that they go to bed late and like to sleep in, compared to 40% who describe themselves as morning larks or early birds.
    Morning Larks tend to go to bed early, wake up early and feel their best as the day begins. They also tend to have less energy in the late afternoon and evening, resulting in them finding it hard to stay awake past a certain hour. Research has shown that early risers tend to have an easier time adjusting to standard daytime schedules, which can make it easier to function at workplaces that operate during the day or have an early start.  Morning Larks are also known as ‘early birds’, a term which has its origins in a 17th century proverb – ‘the early bird catches the worm’.
    Night owls tend to stay up late and enjoy sleeping in. They feel their best later in the day and have more energy at night. The downside to this is that they often feel tired after waking up early and can have a hard time staying alert duri

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  2. Devon Duvets and Simon's Sleep Story

    Devon Duvets and Simon's Sleep Story


    We mentioned in a previous blog that we would be sharing some of the Sleep Stories from our customers, as it may help you to find the solution to your own Sleep Story.

    Simon has recently purchased a new mattress. It supports him well but he is finding it a little hard so he can’t get really comfy. He said that when he tried the mattress in the showroom, it felt a bit softer but realised that a showroom mattress would have had some use. Simon did not want to go to the expense of changing his mattress again and so was looking for something that would help. He chose one of our award-winning British wool mattress toppers because they add 5cm of comfort.

    Each topper is individually handcrafted by  talented seamstresses, here in our own workshops in Devon and are made using  a combination of wool layers and hand fluffed wool, encased in luxurious brushed cotton. We recommend that our toppers are aired regularly as this helps to keep the wool nice and fresh. We also recommend that they are turned regularly and so we make them with elastic straps on each corner, so that Simon can easily do this.  

    Find out more about our British wool toppers here.

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