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  1. Devon Duvets and Rick's Sleep Story

    Devon Duvets and Rick's Sleep Story

    Rick and his partner are motorhome enthusiasts and, now that they are retired, travel regularly in their motorhome all over the UK and mainland Europe. However, they are finding the mattress of the bed in the motorhome is too thin and hard, and this is affecting the quality of their sleep. Rick contacted us to see if we could make a bespoke wool mattress topper to fit the bed and add a layer of comfort.

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  2. Join Our 30-Day Sleep Challenge: Prioritise Your Sleep and Transform Your Well-being

    A woman enjoying a peaceful nap in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature.

    At Devon Duvets, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep in maintaining overall well-being. That's why we're excited to introduce our 30-Day Sleep Challenge, designed to help you prioritise your sleep and develop healthy habits for a lifetime of restorative rest. In this blog post, we'll explain the rationale behind the challenge, discuss the importance of sleep, and outline the benefits of participating in our challenge.

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  3. Importance of Sleep Health and the Celebration of World Sleep Day

    World Sleep Day banner promoting the importance of sleep health and celebrating global sleep awareness

    Every year, World Sleep Day is observed to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and the various sleep problems faced by millions of people worldwide. Organised by the World Sleep Society, this annual event highlights the vital role sleep plays in our overall well-being. At Devon Duvets, we feel it is vital to support this annual event and our blog aims to provide more information about the history, goals, and activities of World Sleep Day and the importance of promoting sleep health.

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  4. Why Am I Overheating in Bed?

    Person experiencing overheating in bed during sleep

    After many years of speaking to customers about their various sleep issues, the main cause of restless nights is overheating. Overheating can be very disruptive to sleep quality as it will often lead to waking up more during the night. Based on feedback when talking to customers, we’ve listed below the most common causes of overheating at night.

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  5. Can meditation help you to sleep better

    Meditation boosts peaceful slumber, picture of person meditating in bed with eyes closed.

    If you are experiencing trouble falling asleep, you’re not the only one!  Over 35% of adults around the world regularly experience this and, for many, sleeping difficulty is related to stress or anxiety. In today’s very full-on life, sometimes it just isn’t easy to switch off!

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  6. How wool bedding can help achieve a healthier sleep

    Wool bedding creates a comfortable & healthy sleep environment. Experience the cosy bed with wool blankets & pillows in the picture.

    It’s well known that sleep helps to keep your mind and body healthy, but it could be important for your blood pressure too.

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