Wool bedding creates a comfortable & healthy sleep environment. Experience the cosy bed with wool blankets & pillows in the picture.

It’s well known that sleep helps to keep your mind and body healthy, but it could be important for your blood pressure too.

Does your blood pressure change during sleep?

When you’re asleep, your blood pressure is usually lower than whilst you are awake. This is normal and known as ‘nocturnal dipping’. The drop in your top number (systolic) and bottom number (diastolic) of your blood pressure can be up to 20% lower than your daytime reading. Those that don’t have lower blood pressure when asleep have been shown to be at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

How can lack of sleep affect your blood pressure?

There are many reasons why people have problems with sleeping. They might be too hot, too sweaty, or too cold. They may have dust mite allergies, or certain skin problems such as eczema, that are keeping them awake. Stress can also be a key factor in sleeplessness. Many studies have shown that those who have trouble sleeping are more likely to have high blood pressure. It becomes a vicious cycle as the stressed individual becomes more stressed about not sleeping, thereby increasing their blood pressure. This seems to affect women more than men and particularly those during middle-age. Shift working can also be disruptive to sleep patterns, making it even more important to get a good quality of sleep during the hours you are not working.

How can wool bedding help?

Research carried out in the UK and abroad, has measured the effect of fibres on the sleep of human subjects. They found that wool’s breathability, temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties helped to keep the core body temperature balanced throughout the night. This meant the subject woke up less often during the night and therefore achieved better and deeper sleep. We all release moisture when we sleep, however, the moisture wicking properties of wool fibres means that moisture does not become trapped, so does not result in the hot, humid environment that can trigger irritation of skin conditions. Wool’s resistance to dust mites also helps asthma sufferers. The benefits of these special properties in wool adds up to a more restful sleep and, as a result, lowered heart rates and blood pressure.

How can Devon Duvets wool bedding help?

At Devon Duvets we’ve been championing - and individually handcrafting – wool bedding for over 13 years. Thousands of happy customers have told us that they have never slept better than with one of our duvets or mattress toppers. They also said their heads felt less hot and sweaty when using one of our wool pillows. This makes us both happy and proud that our products have helped.

Each duvet, topper and pillow are individually handcrafted by our very own talented seamstresses, here in our workshops on the edge of Dartmoor. We put a lot of love and care into every stitch and also in making sure that we only source the finest, most responsibly sourced, materials to make them. We use authentic, fully traceable 100% British wool, certified by the British Wool organisation, and from British farmers we know - and this is cleaned and needled in British mills, without the use of chemicals. For our duvets and pillows, the wool is encased in soft 260 thread count 100% cotton, certified by Better Cotton. Our mattress toppers are created to provide an extra layer of comfort on top of your mattress and are crafted from a combination of layers or wool and hand-fluffed wool, with a luxurious 100% brushed cotton casing. If you’d like to discuss which wool bedding might be the best for your requirements, then please get in touch and the team will be happy to go through options.


Always consult your doctor or other medical professional if you are experiencing problems with high blood pressure.