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Did Ewe Know?

  1. Questions our customers often ask

    We've been making luxurious, individually handcrafted British wool duvets, toppers and pillows for over 15 years and during that time we've also answered a lot of questions about our products! We've put together some of our most frequently asked questions in this blog (and provided some links that you might find useful)...but if you have anything else you'd like to ask before purchasing from us, then do let us know.

  2. 10 facts about sleep

    There is a lot of information available about sleep and why it is so important for our mental and physical health. In this blog, you'll find 10 facts about sleep that you might not be aware of, including why external stimuli can sometimes be incorporated into our dreams.

  3. Are Father Christmas and Santa Claus the same?

    Until more recent decades, Santa Claus was known as 'Father Christmas' in the UK. They were originally completely separate figures associated with the festive season but are now generally thought of as as one and the same. Read our blog to discover their stories.

  4. 5 facts about beautiful British wool

    At Devon Duvets we love British wool and are committed to supporting our hard working sheep farmers. But did you know that Britian is one of the largest wool producers in the world? Read our blog to discover 5 facts about British wool.

  5. Does counting sheep help you to fall asleep?

    Have you ever wondered about the origin of the belief that counting sheep can help you to sleep?  And does it really work? We've done some research to check out these questions so read on if you want to know more!

  6. Do wool duvets have a tog rating?

    Did you know that wool duvet tog ratings work differently from other types of duvets?  That means you might have to re-think what 'weight' of wool duvet you need for a great night's sleep. Read our guide to find out more about wool tog ratings and which might work best for you.

  7. Why We Sometimes Feel Like Hibernating in Winter

    Many of us feel sleepier in Winter and wonder why we find it especially difficult to get up on those colder, dark mornings. We might even joke about hibernating! Of course, this is very different from some animals, who really do hibernate to help them survive until things warm up.

    So, before looking at the reason why we, as humans, feel sleepier in the Winter, we thought we’d share some interesting facts about hibernation amongst some of our animal friends around the world.

  8. New research shows how many women did not know wool helps menopause

    New research, conducted by British Wool to mark its ‘In Bed With The Menopause’ campaign, found that 65% of women didn’t know the menopause could affect sleep until going through it. The research also looked at the wider effects of the menopause and the symptoms women were experiencing.

  9. What is the fastest way to put on a duvet cover

    We’ve all been there - trying to change our duvet cover and wondering if there is an easier way. Single duvet covers are manageable, but when it comes to a King, Super King or Emperor size then it becomes far trickier - especially if you have having to do this by yourself!

  10. Why we have been snuggling into duvets for 5000 years

    Duvets have been around a lot longer than most of us realise. This is probably because it took a while for them to become popular in the UK and they have been through various transformations throughout their history.

    Some archaeological digs have suggested that an early form of duvet was used in China, as far back as 3,000BCE. In Ancient Rome, patrician Romans used both blankets and quilts on their beds (lecti cubicidates) but the first documented use of a duvet dates back to the Viking era. Many of the largest and most richly equipped Viking burial mounds discovered contained beds with several types of bird feathers and down from pillows and duvets. This has included down from the Eider duck and feathers from the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the largest owl in northern Europe. The luxury of owning a pillow and duvet was reserved for the wealthiest in Norse society.

    In the mid 18th century, Thomas Nugent, an Englishman on a tour of Europe, passed through Germany