WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm)
WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm) WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm) WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm) WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm) WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm)
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WOOL DUVET KING Medium Weight (600gsm)

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King Size Medium Weight 600gsm British Wool Duvet (225cm x 220cm)

This duvet will fit into a UK sized duvet cover.  If you would like to purchase a duvet cover, we have beautiful Pima cotton (450tc) duvet covers available to purchase online.  When purchasing any wool item, you will automatically receive a 50% discount from the duvet cover at the checkout. 


  • Handcrafted in Devon using natural and sustainable materials.
  • Certified 100% British Wool, cleaned and needled in England without the use of bleach or chemicals.
  • 260 thread count white cotton casing, responsibly grown and produced.
  • Resists dust mites, helping to relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Responsible and sustainable.
  • Easy to care for.

ALL of our duvets are individually handcrafted by professionals in our own workshops here in Devon.  This, together with the beautiful, soft springy British wool and 260 thread count white cotton, both produced by mills uniquely to our own specifications, results in a high quality, luxurious duvet that has an unequalled light loftiness.
Our wool has not been bleached or chemically treated and therefore retains its wonderful natural properties.
Only wool is inside of the duvet - there are no glues or artificial fibres, materials or bonding agents.  
The wool is not loose inside of the duvet so it does not require shaking and it will not move or clump in use. The wool is lightly needled into one fluffy large sheet, and expertly crafted into a duvet with minimal stitch lines. This technique requires great skill and gives our duvets a superb light drape that gently envelopes the body.
The unique natural properties of wool resist dust mites and can help to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma.  Wool is also naturally breathable, helping to keep warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer, creating a sleeping environment unique to each person.  This makes wool duvets a perfect solution for partners sleeping under one duvet with differing body temperatures and ideal for those who experience heat flushes.
British wool is both sustainable and responsible.  The wool has been shorn from live sheep in the traditional way and has not been bleached or chemically treated.  It has been processed in British mills before being made into duvets in Devon, keeping the carbon footprint as small as possible.The 260 thread count cotton used for the casing is produced to support the Better Cotton Initiative. BCI works to make cotton production better for the people who produce it and better for the environment.All packaging is biodegradable and at the end of the life of the duvet, the wool and cotton is also biodegradable.
Easy to care.  Regular airing will refresh the duvet perfectly, prolonging the life and performance.  For a more thorough clean, machine wash on a wool setting using a wool care detergent, spinning out any excess water and air drying.  Do not tumble dry or dry clean as the wool has not been chemically treated to make this possible.
This is a Medium Weight duvet - both Lightweight and Medium Weight wool duvets are available 
As wool works uniquely for each person, a precise TOG rating cannot be specified, we have however provided an approx. equivalent as a guideline to help you choose the weight for you.  
The majority of people will suit one or other of the two weights most of the year around, however should a heavier duvet be required, two duvets of the same size can be tied together using the discreet fabric ties to make a substantial weight of duvet for a very cold environment.
Lightweight         300gsm*     (Approximate TOG Equivalent  4 -  7)
Medium Weight  600gsm*     (Approximate TOG Equivalent  8 - 13.5)
*grams of wool per square metre
Please see WHICH WEIGHT SHOULD I CHOOSE for guidelines in the information pages to help in choosing the weight for you.

UKBeautifully British
EthicalEthically sourced and sustainable
Hand stitchThe hand-stitched gift of nature