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Cosy devon duvet interior design duvet medium weight temperature regulating

King Wool Duvet 600 gsm Medium Weight 8-14 TOG

UK Size

Handcrafted in Devon

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British Wool King Size Duvet – Medium Weight 600gsm (UK Size 225cm x 220cm)

Our beautiful King size wool duvets are handcrafted by skilled seamstresses in our workshops in Devon using 600 grams of wool in each square metre of duvet and high quality cotton, to create luxury and comfort to help you achieve the best night's sleep.
The soft wool filling is purely British, all of which is certified by British Wool as traceable from farm to duvet.  The 260 thread count pure cotton casing has been woven especially to our specifications, ensuring the maximum drape and loft, to create a duvet that drapes around you, creating a unique sleeping environment for you.
You can be assured that you will sleep under the most natural duvet possible as we do not use any chemicals or bleaches.


Features of our wool duvets Benefits for you
Breathable and temperature regulating for each individual Wake up refreshed. An even sleeping temperature helps you achieve a deeper and more peaceful night’s sleep
Hypoallergenic. Resists dust mites and micro-bacteria and is naturally fire retardant Safe, hygienic and helps to relieve symptoms of allergies and asthma
Handcrafted in Devon by our skilled seamstresses High quality product that stands the test of time – comes with a Devon Duvets 5 year makers guarantee (see T&C's)
The unique way in which each duvet is individually made requires the minimal of stitching in the centre rather than the heavy quilting often seen in mass produced duvets The duvet does not clump or need shaking and drapes around your body as a duvet should, leaving no cold spots

Responsible, sustainable and biodegradable. 

Cotton casing supports the Better Cotton Initiative*
Wool is shorn from live sheep during the Spring and Summer when they need to be rid of their wool fleece.  During the winter months they will grow new fleeces for use in next year’s duvets

You are purchasing a duvet that is not only truly environmentally friendly and won’t add to burden of landfill, it also ensures that the sheep are respected and treated with care, giving you peace of mind


*The Better Cotton Initiative promotes better environmental and socio-economic farming practices.

Easy Care: Regular airing will refresh your duvet, prolonging life and performance.  If a more thorough clean is required, machine wash on a 30 degree wool setting using a wool care detergent.  Gently spin to remove excess water, re-shape and air dry.  Do not tumble dry.  Do not dry clean.

Weight & Togs: Wool has a natural ability to insulate yet release excess heat, therefore it is not possible to measure a precise tog; any tog comparisons are wide-ranging and unique to you depending upon your natural body temperature.  To help you choose, the guidelines below will help and you can also find more help on choosing the weight for you on our information pages. Each duvet comes with special ties attached which enables you to fasten 2 duvets of the same size together for a very toasty Tog.
Lightweight                 300gsm*         Approx Tog Guide 4 – 7
Medium Weight          600gsm*         Approx Tog Guide 8 – 14

*grams of wool per square metre

This duvet will fit into a UK King sized duvet cover.  If you purchase a wool product from us, you will automatically receive 25% OFF the price of any of our 450TC Pima White cotton bedlinen at the checkout.

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Handcrafted in Devon

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