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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. Why wool isn’t just for Winter

    Most of us associate wool with cold weather – and certainly our fabulous, super soft, high tog duvets are perfect for snuggling in the Winter months. However, the great thing about wool is that because it is a 100% natural material, it is breathable and therefore temperature regulating.

  2. Why a wool duvet helps to deal with night sweats in every season

    Menopausal symptons can often seem worse at night, because of night sweats. These temperature fluctuations can cause distrupted sleep, leading to tiredness during the day. In our blog we discuss how our individually handcrafted wool bedding can help to manage these symptoms and achieve a more restful sleep.

  3. Why do we use only British wool in our wool products?

    Wool is a remarkable 100% natural product. It’s sustainable, environmentally-friendly and has a number of beneficial properties that make it a wonderful filling for our 100% natural bedding products. Sheep are farmed for the production of wool all over the world - but we never use anything other than top grade, certified 100% British wool.

  4. Why choose Pima cotton for my bed linen?

    According to The Sleep Council* we sleep an average of just over 2,372 hours annually. That’s a lot of time spent sleeping. So we obviously want to ensure that not only do we choose the best duvets and pillows to snuggle up in, but also soft and comfortable bed linen that will work with our bedding, to help us to get the best night’s sleep.

  5. Why Our Recyclable Packaging Is so Much More Than Just Packaging

    At Devon Duvets we are committed to making and selling natural products that are responsible and ethical. This includes our packaging, which we've created to be recyclable and reusable. In our blog we've come up with some tips as to how you can reuse our packaging in a number of useful ways.