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  1. Why a wool duvet helps to deal with night sweats in every season

    Why a wool duvet helps to deal with night sweats in every season

    There are so many things about the menopause that no one tells you about, so when it happens, some of the symptomscan be quite a nasty surprise. Everyone is different but these can range from hot flushes to brain fog (remind me why I went into the kitchen again) to difficulty in concentrating, and from achy joints first thing in the morning to heart palpitations. Even crying for some bizarre reason over what appears - to everyone else - to be a totally innocuous TV advert.

    Probably the worst thing of all is suffering from those debilitating ‘keep waking up every hour’ night sweats. So, it might surprise you to know that the type of bedding you sleep in can make a huge difference in helping you to get a more restful night. Synthetic bedding can make you feel even more uncomfortable, so we’d always recommend choosing 100% natural bedding. The last type of bedding that you might expect to be of help is…wool. 

    Most people associate wool with the colder months and, of course, it’s great for that. Snuggly, comfy and comforting. However, because wool is a 100% natural product, it is breathable and temperature regulating, which makes it perfect for bedding. It can adjust to your body temperature, keeping you warm when you’re cold but also keeping you fresher and cooler when you’re hot, so ideal for summer as well as winter. Wool can even adapt to your body temperature as it changes through the night, so you’ll end up sleeping better and feeling less tired when you wake up. If you are sharing your duvet with your partner, your wool duvet will adapt to each of you and your individual body temperatures.

    At Devon Duvets, we go one step further. We’ve been making award-winning duvets from wool for 10 years…and not just any wool. We only use the very highest quality 100% British wool and from British farmers we know. As a result, we are certified by British Wool and our wool duvets carry the British Wool mark. This means you can be confident that whe

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  2. Why wool isn’t just for Winter

    Why wool isn’t just for Winter

    Most of us associate wool with cold weather – and certainly our fabulous, super soft, high tog duvets are perfect for snuggling in the Winter months. However, the great thing about wool is that because it is a 100% natural material, it is breathable and therefore temperature regulating.

    In a nutshell, wool has the remarkable ability to keep you cool in the hotter months, as well as keep you warm when it’s cold. 

    This makes it the perfect filling for the lightweight duvets we handcraft for use in the Spring, Summer and even into Autumn. In fact, as a natural material, it is so efficient at temperature regulating, that for those of us who sleep in a warmer bedroom, or who suffer from the dreaded night sweats, a lightweight wool duvet will often be the ideal choice year-round. Even better, we’re delighted to have won awards from two national newspapers and Prima magazine included our lightweight wool duvets in their March special feature on the menopause.

    Wool is very efficient at trapping air, making it even more able to regulate your body temperature. We maximise on this during the process of milling our wool. British wool for our duvets is taken to British mills, where it is washed and cleaned, without the use of chemicals or bleach. It is then needled to create ‘loft’ – a process that fluffs the wool, creating a light and airy sheet that is then handcrafted into a 100% natural cotton casing by our expert seamstresses at our Devon workshops.

    If you suffer from allergies, wool is also a great option, especially in the summer when we tend to lose more fluid whilst sleeping. More fluid going into our bedclothes means more micro bacteria and it also creates the ideal environment for those pesky, allergen-creating, dust mites. Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and so will help alleviate those uncomfortable nights.

    We also make a range of 100% British wool mattress toppers. Using one of these on top of your mattress not only off

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  3. Why do we use only British wool in our wool products?

    Why do we use only British wool in our wool products?

    Wool is a remarkable 100% natural product. It’s sustainable, environmentally-friendly and has a number of beneficial properties that make it a wonderful filling for our 100% natural bedding products. Sheep are farmed for the production of wool all over the world - but we never use anything other than top grade, certified 100% British wool.

    We do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, British wool has always been considered to be of very high quality. The British wool manufacturing industry dates back to around 1900 BC and when the Romans arrived, they so valued the Britons’ wool weaving skills that in 50 AD they established a wool plant in Winchester. In mediaeval times, many towns across Britain increased their wealth through the wool trade. In fact, by 1660 two-thirds of England’s foreign commerce was based on wool textiles.

    Today, sheep farming and wool production in the UK is governed by strict animal welfare regulations. These are set by DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs), the governing body that enforces the standards for animal welfare, working together with British Wool who set the standards for wool quality.  Shearing only takes place in Spring and Summer, when the sheep need to have their fleeces shorn. At Devon Duvets, we buy British wool because we are committed to only buying products that we know to come from responsible and ethical sources, as well as being fully traceable and, therefore, from farmers whom we know. 

    Buying 100% British wool means a lower carbon footprint. We also clean the wool, without chemicals or bleach, in British mills and it is then brought to our workshops in Devon, where each wool product is individually handcrafted by our highly skilled seamstresses. We do not send our wool products abroad to be manufactured. We want our products to be made right here, on the spot, so that we can guarantee quality and that no other wool, other than 100% British wool, is used.


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  4. Why choose Pima cotton for my bed linen?

    Why choose Pima cotton for my bed linen?

    According to The Sleep Councilwe sleep an average of just over 2,372 hours annually. That’s a lot of time spent sleeping. So we obviously want to ensure that not only do we choose the best duvets and pillows to snuggle up in, but also soft and comfortable bed linen that will work with our bedding, to help us to get the best night’s sleep.

    There’s a lot of bed linen out there to choose from but what goes right next to your skin is important, which is why cotton, with its smooth texture and natural breathability, is so enduringly popular. There are three main types of cotton, American Upland, Egyptian and Pima, with 90% of cotton bedding made from American Upland, which has short fibres. Both Egyptian and Pima cotton have long, silkier fibres that produce a luxurious, soft fabric that is also stronger and more resilient. Pima cotton was first developed in the Southwestern part of the USA by the selective breeding of Egyptian cottons. As a result, Pima cotton is considered to be the finest cotton available.

    Cotton quality is also measured by ‘thread count’ (TC) and the higher this is, the better the quality. The thread count of basic or standard cotton sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers is around 150TC.

    At Devon Duvets we only use top quality 100% Pima cotton for our fantastic range of pure white sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, all of which have a super-soft 450 thread count, in a sateen weave. The breathability of this lovely fabric works in harmony with our certified 100% British wool range,  Botanic duvets and ethical 100% silk duvets, to help create an even sleeping temperature. 

    The other benefit of Pima cotton sheets, pill

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    At Devon Duvets we are committed to making and selling natural products that are responsible and ethical. Products that don’t end up in landfill and will either biodegrade or are recyclable.

    This means that we’ve had to work hard on not only ensuring that our products fulfil our criteria but also finding the right sort of packaging to fit the same bill. Our packaging is all recyclable, but it doesn’t have to be discarded; it can also be reused in all sorts of useful ways to help with storage around your home, particularly our inner bags. We’ve all put our heads together to come up with some suggestions and we’re sure that there are lots more that we haven’t thought of – but you will!

    Rotating your winter or summer clothes

    Our inner bags will fit several jumpers and other winter clothing, or a stack of T-shirts and shorts. Once sealed, you can pop them on the top shelf of a cupboard, under your bed or anywhere else that’s dry, such as inside a suitcase, ready for when you need them.

    Your spare duvet

    Some of us sleep under an all seasons option but many of you prefer to use our light or ultra-weight duvets for summer and a heavier one for winter – or have our combination two-in-one duvet. This means you’ll need to put the one you’re not using away. Hanging on to your inner bag will ensure your duvet is kept neatly stored away for you.

    Beach towels and swimwear

    Hunting for swimming costumes and beach towels can be time consuming, especially if you’ve put them somewhere ‘out of the way’ and in separate places until the summer – or until it’s time for your holiday. Put them altogether in your Devon Duvets recyclable packaging bag and they’ll be easy to gather up when it’s time to pack.

    Soft toys

    Keep them tidy – and safe. Our inner packaging bags are perfect for keeping your children’s (or yours!) much loved teddies and other soft toys in one place, especially if you are mov

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