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  1. How to add comfort to your staycation home from home

    How to add comfort to your staycation home from home

    Staycations are likely to prove even more popular this year, especially now that we are all hoping to be out and about a bit more in the coming weeks. For those of us lucky enough to have our own travelling ‘home from home’ in the form of a motorhome, campervan or caravan, now is the time to start planning your adventures – and adding one or two luxurious elements to make your nights out on the road even comfier!

    If you’re a newbie to the joys of travelling by campervan, then we’ve also shared some useful tips for your first time on the road, a bit further down in the blog.

    First up…we all know that campervan beds can sometimes be just a little unyielding, but you can boost those comfort levels with a mattress topper. After a long drive or busy day exploring, you’ll want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day ahead. Here at Devon Duvets, we’ve been making award-winning wool mattress toppers for nearly 10 years. Made from certified 100% British wool, encased in soft, natural 100% brushed cotton, each topper is individually handcrafted by our seamstresses, here in our Devon workshops. In addition to making toppers for all bed sizes, our clever seamstresses are also able to turn their hands to creating toppers to convert your campervan or caravan bed into a blissful haven of sleep.

    Just contact us with the measurements, to include details of any ‘cut out’ sections or angles to fit round bulkheads or cabinets and we’ll come back to you with a price and delivery time.

    So that’s the comfort element underneath you sorted…but what about some extra comfort on top? Our range of 100% natural, 100% sustainable duvets are also perfect for helping you achieve a restful night’s sleep. You can choose from warmer weights right down to ultralight duvets and our fillings include certified 100% British wool, Limited Edition 100% British alpaca, 100% silk and our 100% plant-based, B

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  2. How to choose the pillow that is right for you

    How to choose the pillow that is right for you

    To ensure a comfy night’s sleep, it’s important to have a pillow that gives you proper support – and we know that once you’ve found a special pillow that’s just right for you, it’s very hard to sleep on anything else.

    What is the right height pillow for me?

    First of all, you need to find one that is the right height for the way you sleep. If you are a side sleeper then, ideally, you will need to look at a pillow that’s medium to firm and high enough to fill the gap between the mattress and your head. The pillow also needs to keep your spine as straight as possible, to avoid neck pain. If you are a back sleeper, then opt for a fairly firm pillow to support your neck but one that doesn’t push your head too far forward. If you are someone who likes to sleep on their stomachs, you’ll need a softer, lower pillow to avoid your head being pushed back and putting strain on your neck.

    What is the best kind of filling for a pillow?

    Fillings that are made of 100% natural materials are breathable, so are more hygienic than synthetic blends that tend not to be moisture-wicking whilst you sleep. There are many different kinds of pillow fillings out there but if you are after one that’s 100% natural, then wool is a terrific option. Wool is resistant to dust mites, so is perfect if you suffer from allergies such asthma or eczema. Wool is breathable and has moisture-wicking properties, so it is resistant to the build-up of micro bacteria.  A good, regular, airing helps to keep the wool nice and fresh. Wool is naturally fire retardant too.

    Is there more than one type of wool pillow?

    Most wool pillows are made by enclosing loose wool inside a completely sealed and stitched casing. However, at Devon Duvets, we make two types of pillows – our Original wool pillow and our unique, patented Folding wool pillows.

    Our Original wool pillows are well stuffed with 1kg of springy, loose wool and we put a zip in the casin

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  3. Happy International Women's Day

    Happy International Women's Day

    International Women's Day started way back in 1911 and was given a new energy in 2001, with people and businesses starting to recognise the day’s significance and giving it a voice.

    The world has witnessed a significant change in thoughts about women's equality.  There are more women in the boardroom, greater equality and impressive role models in every aspect of life.

    But there are still barriers that need dismantling. We need to talk about the taboo subjects...such as the menopause. Half of the population will go through this and yet we are only just beginning to understand how it can affect us. For years, doctors dismissed women as insane, and the Victorians had very unusual ways of treating it. Anyone for a concoction of carbonated soda before mealtimes with the occasional dash of opium? Followed by a trip to the asylum for a few months!

    Today, there are a variety of homeopathic remedies, a plethora of home-made tips, treatments from your GP, but the biggest problem to solve is the night sweats that can make sleep impossible.

    Here at Devon Duvets, we regularly speak to customers with this particular issue and are able to help by suggesting they choose bedding made from 100% natural materials, as these are breathable. Our lightweight wool duvets are particularly helpful, and many customers find these are suitable year-round in helping to regulate their body temperature whilst they sleep. Wool is also naturally resistant to dust mites and so if you also suffer from allergies, our wool duvets will help to alleviate this. Our lightweight range also includes duvets made from 100% British alpaca, 100% silk and our 100% plant-based Botanic range. 

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