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Wool Wellbeing

  1. How to sleep better during pregnancy

    Pregnancy and the anticipation of seeing your baby is an exciting time. It can also be tiring, as your body is having to adapt to so many changes and this can also lead to restless or disrupted sleep. In our blog we outline some useful tips that can help you to sleep better.

  2. What is the best temperature for sleep?

    Your bedroom temperature will directly impact on the quality of your sleep. If it is too hot, or too cold, then you are likely to wake up through the night. Read our guide to find out how you can help to keep your core body temperature balanced during the night.

  3. How kindness can help us and others to feel good

    According to recent studies and research, kindness can help our physical and mental health...as well as being a nice thing to do! Read our blog to find out some fascinating facts about kindness and the effects that it can have on us and others.

  4. A guide to help improve your sleep in 2024...and beyond

    The New Year is always a great time to review how we live our lives. One of the most important improvements we can make is to ensure we get good sleep, as this is crucial for our physical and mental wellbeing. Read our guide to find out how you can improve your sleep  in 2024, and into the future.

  5. How do I help my little one sleep on Christmas Eve?

    Christmas Eve can be a bit fraught when it comes to trying to get the kids to go to bed and sleep. The anticipation of a visit from Santa, combined with all the Christmas treats is just too exciting. Read our blog for some tips on how to help your little one get to sleep on Christmas Eve.

  6. Give the gift of sleep

    Sleep is vitally important for our wellbeing and the bedding we use can make a big impact on how restul that sleep can be. Find out how giving your loved one a gorgeous, individually handcrafted British wool duvet can help to improve their sleep over the festive period and beyond.

  7. Unwrapping Hygiene: The Assurance of Purchasing a Brand New Duvet, Mattress Topper or Pillow

    You want to be sure that when you tuck yourself into bed it's more than purely cosy. You also want the reassurance that the bedding you've just purchased is hygienic and isn't a previous return that has already been in opened in someone else's home and then sent out to you. Read our blog to find out more about our strict hygiene processes.

  8. 7 tips to tackle jet lag whilst travelling

    Those of us who head off to catch some winter sun - either over the festive period or in the next few months - will know that longer flights often lead to jet lag. We've put some tips together to help with some of the symptoms, so read on to find out more.

  9. Does caffeine affect your sleep?

    Although caffeine can help boost our energy, it can also affect our sleep, especially if we consume too many caffeinated drinks during the day and late into the evening. Read on to find out more about how caffeine can impact our sleep...and what steps to take to reduce your caffeine intake and help to achieve a more peaceful slumber.

  10. What makes a Devon Duvets wool duvet so special

    We created the UK’s very first 100% British made, 100% British wool duvet 15 years ago, and we’re proud to say that nobody makes a wool duvet quite like us! Read our blog to find out what makes our wool duvets unique.