Monthly Archives: May 2023

  1. NEW! Devon Duvets British wool filled cushion pads

    Close-up of the high-quality, 100% cotton casing on a Devon Duvets cushion pad

    Our British wool filled pillows are amongst our top selling items and many of our customers have been asking if we can make cushion pads. Our seamstresses set to work and now we’re delighted to offer our gorgeous, individually handcrafted, wool filled cushion pads.

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  2. Devon Duvets and Wool Wellbeing

    A romantic candlelit dinner setting in front of a luxuriously handcrafted Devon Duvets wool bedding, symbolising the warmth and comfort our products bring to your personal spaces.

    Spring is here and there are lambs in fields around Devon and on Dartmoor. If that isn’t enough to make you smile, then the lengthening hours of sunlight are always welcome and gives us a sense of wellbeing.

    Our entire focus is on how we can make products that help people to sleep better. We often talk about Wool Wellbeing, amongst the Devon Duvets team at our workshops, as well as on our website – and it’s something that is deeply ingrained in everything that we do.

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  3. Why our award winning wool bedding is Beautifully British

    Handcrafted Devon Duvets wool bedding, representing British craftsmanship and sustainability

    Our duvets, toppers and pillows are Beautifully British because they are 100% made in Britain. What’s more, nobody else makes them for us. We individually handcraft every single one, here in our own workshops at the edge of Dartmoor.

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  4. Can I recycle my wool duvet?

    Image of a person adding wool from a Devon Duvets duvet to a compost heap, illustrating responsible recycling practices

    We are lucky at Devon Duvets because we have many customers who come back to us when they want to purchase further Devon Duvets wool duvets. We are also finding that more and more consumers want a wool duvet because they are natural and sustainable, and therefore a responsible choice when it comes to buying bedding.

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  5. Why we use a single breed for the wool in our British wool bedding

    A cosy British wool bedding from Devon Duvets, handcrafted for a luxurious sleep experience

    At Devon Duvets we’re very proud to support British farming because British sheep flocks are amongst the best cared for in the world. Britain has also been famous for the quality of its wool for over two thousand years and so by using British wool, we are continuing an ancient British tradition of using this wonderful natural fibre to craft quality products.

    We’ve been making luxurious wool filled bedding products for over 14 years and created the first 100% British made, 100% British wool filled duvet. We’ve also been committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing from the beginning of our journey – and that’s another reason for only using British wool and for making our products ourselves because it means we can ensure we are directly involved at every step of the way. It also helps us to keep our carbon footprint low.

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