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Not only is our wool all British, cleaned and processed in England without the use of bleach or chemical treatments, we use only the best  Grade Wool and each batch of wool is checked and certified as such by the British Wool Marketing Board.  

Why Certificate all of our wool??

The Certified 100% Wool Mark guarantees that only 100% British Wool is used.  There is no wool used from abroad, no scrap wool and no artificial fibres, glues or bonding agents.  Each strand of wool we use is traceable to the British Farm from where it came.

You can be assured that 100% Certified British Wool is used in ALL of our wool duvets, wool pillows and wool mattress toppers and this is GUARANTEED, not only by us but also by the British Wool Marketing Board.



Whilst all of our products are very natural and our British Wool not bleached or chemically treated, we decided to take one step further to support organic farming, nature and the environment by introducing an Organic Collection fully certified by the Soil Association to Global Organic Trading Standards (GOTS).  We are the only duvet company in the UK to have achieved this certification from the Soil Association to produce a true Organic finished product.  License Number DK 20962. 

Why the role of the Soil Association is so important...

The Soil Association plays a large role in determining whether products are truly organic or not.  For example, claims can be made by companies that their cotton is organic or organically grown.  Even if it is grown on an organic Farm, after harvest, the plant material goes through processes to become a fabric and this involves the use of chemicals.  The Soil Association, together with partners around the world, control every step in these processes to ensure that they are organic and environmentally friendly.  Only when the fabric is certified as GOTS, the filling is certified as GOTS and the workshop of the company making the products is certified as GOTS, can you can be sure you are getting a true 100% organic product.  These certifications a re-evaluated every year and yearly audits conducted by the Soil Association to ensure correct procedures continue to be followed.

The standards required by the Soil Association are rightfully very strict and to achieve a license for a finished product (not just a component of a product) requires a great deal of effort.  Every step of the process is regulated, not just the wool and cotton; the wool mills used, the thread used for stitching, the cleanliness of our workshops, transportation used, packaging, the oil in our machines, even interviewing our staff and reviewing our health, safety and welfare standards - all very important aspects and ones we strongly support and adhere to.   We are proud to have achieved this license in all of the processes for producing our products.

These high standards are applied to ALL of our products, not just the ones where we use certified organic wool and cotton, so you can be assured that every product made by Devon Duvets achieves a high standard of quality, cleanliness and ethics.


SEDEX is a non profit Organisation that offers a simple and effective way to manage ethical and responsible practices within our business.  Becoming a member involves undergoing an intensive Independent Audit that examines all aspects of our business in detail using the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code and additional measurements for Health and Safety, the working environment and business ethics as a reference.  We are proud to have achieved the standards required in all aspects of our business to be able to become a member of SEDEX.

We are a keen supporter of The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code which is an Internationally recognised set of labour standards based on ILO conventions - full details of this code can be seen here We are also part of the Fast Forward programme


We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity in a fully transparent way.  We expect all of our staff and all with whom we do business to maintain high standards in accordance with our policies and procedures.  We operate within many policies to ensure that high standards are maintained and we open our doors for full audits of our business and manufacturing.  Examples of these policies/codes are:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Equality and Gender Policy
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Modern Slavery Policy
  • Ethical Labour Standards Policy