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Monthly Archives: February 2023

  1. Devon Duvets and Michelle's Sleep Story

    Michelle contacted us because she has a memory foam mattress but is finding that this makes her very hot during the warmer months and this is disrupting her sleep. Memory foam is synthetic so can trap heat around your body, and this is what is making Michelle feel hot. She was thinking of saving up for a new mattress, made with natural fibres, but then she read about the temperature regulating properties of wool toppers.

  2. Do wool duvets have a tog rating?

    Did you know that wool duvet tog ratings work differently from other types of duvets?  That means you might have to re-think what 'weight' of wool duvet you need for a great night's sleep. Read our guide to find out more about wool tog ratings and which might work best for you.

  3. Tips for tackling teen sleep issues

    Sleep is important for everyone, especially growing children and teens. Children who get enough sleep tend to have healthier immune systems and better memory, school performance and mental health.

  4. Pancakes and Duvets

    Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 21st February this year and was traditionally a feast day, to include something sweet and delicious before Lent starts in the Christian faith. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday, dating back to Anglo Saxon times when the population went to church to be ‘shriven’ (absolved from their sins).

  5. Spring cleaning tips to keep your bedroom fresh

    A good Spring Clean can be very satisfying, especially as you will benefit from the results! So, gird your loins, get out the duster and vacuum cleaner and check out our tips for a great bedroom Spring Clean.

  6. Night Sweats and Sleep

    Night sweats can be a delibitating issue, causing disrupted sleep and leading to fatigue the following morning. They can be caused by various factors and in our blog we outline some causes and give tips on how to achieve a more restful night.

  7. Why is Ethical Auditing important?

    An ethical audit is an inspection or examination of processing and systems to ensure compliance with ethics-related requirements. In other words, it is an accredited third-party investigation into how well a company or organisation conforms to the ethical standards of its industry or society in general.