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  1. How the Our Comfort Cushion Can Help After Breast Cancer Surgery

    Comfort cushion that gives relief during breast cancer treatment.

    Research shows that wool can really help when it comes to getting better sleep. It’s breathable, regulates temperature, can lower blood pressure and overall can help you to achieve a more restful night. We call this ‘wool wellbeing’ and we are always looking for new ways in which we can use this wonderful fibre to help improve our customers’ sleep.  So we’re especially proud to introduce our special Comfort Cushion, launched in October 2022, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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  2. How to turn up the tog factor and dial down the thermostat

    Turn up the tog factor with your extra warm duvet this winter

    At Devon Duvets we’ve been committed to helping people sleep better for over 12 years. In fact, this commitment stems right back to the time when making duvets was just a twinkle in the eye of our owners, Dick and Pauline Beijen.

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  3. Devon Duvets and Jim's Sleep Story

    what is your sleep story with Devon Duvets?

    This is the next in our series of 'Sleep Stories' and is about our customer, Jim,  who called us about a common problem with finding the right pillow. Here's how we helped.

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  4. Tips for better work wellbeing

    how to sleep better at night so you''re able to focus at work

    Wool Wellbeing Tip #3: Work Wellbeing

    Work and our jobs can take up a very large part of our lives and with the fast pace, technological world in which we now live, there are times when it can seem to create a 24/7 demand and therefore can become stressful and demanding.

    As part of our Wool Wellbeing series of blogs, we’ve come up with some wellbeing tips for work.

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  5. Environmental Responsibility

    Devon duvets environmentally responsible handcrafted bedding

    At Devon Duvets, we have the Environment and the well-being of our Planet at the heart of our business, with every decision made taking into account the impact our actions and operations make on our precious resources.

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  6. Why we are proud to be a second-generation family run British business

    Why we are proud to be a second-generation family run British business

    When our owners, Dick and Pauline Beijen, founded Devon Duvets, they were living on a smallholding on Dartmoor, having given up their busy international careers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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  7. Are You a Night Owl or a Morning Lark?

    Are you a morning sleeper?

    Recent research about sleep and sleep behaviours was carried out by the British Wool organisation, and with some surprising results. Here’s a few things they discovered:

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  8. Devon Duvets and Simon's Sleep Story

    Devon Duvets and Simon's Sleep Story

    We mentioned in a previous blog that we would be sharing some of the Sleep Stories from our customers, as it may help you to find the solution to your own Sleep Story.

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  9. About the wool in your bedding

    We use traceable British wool in our handcrafted products

    More and more of us are discovering the benefits of bedding made from 100% natural and sustainable products – and this is especially so when it comes to wool. It’s breathable and temperature regulating, so can help us to keep our core body temperature balanced as we sleep. It’s also resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria, so is hypoallergenic and more hygienic. It is also naturally fire retardant. Wool is better for the environment too, because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly and so won’t sit in landfill for decades when the times comes to replace it. It biodegrades quickly and releases essential nutrients whilst it does so. You can even compost it and use it in your own garden!

    This all adds up to make wool a perfect filling for duvets, pillows and toppers! However, before you buy, how do you decide what makes the best wool bedding product? There are lots of factors you might want to consider, so we’ve put a few pointers below:

    • Where is the wool from? Wool comes from many countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, Argentina and, of course, the UK. If you want to choose bedding that’s made from 100% British wool, then you need to look for the British Wool ‘crook mark’ logo on the product pages of the websites you are browsing. The British Wool organisation represents over 35,000 British farmers, helping to collect, grade, market and sell their wool. By buying wool from British flocks, you are helping our farmers, boosting agriculture, and supporting local economies. At Devon Duvets we only ever use fully traceable 100% British wool that has been certified by the British Wool organisation.
    • Is the wool traceable and responsibly sourced? The standards for sheep welfare vary enormously around the world, so it’s only natural that you would want your wool bedding to be made from wool where the sheep are treated well and looked after. British sheep are amongst
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  10. Our Plant-based Botanic Duvets Win Their Third Award

    natural vegan duvet award 2022 individually handcrafted



    Hot on the heels of our third award for our lightweight British wool duvets, the team at the Evening Standard have chosen our Ultralight Botanic duvet as ES Best Top Pick and their overall favourite in their Best Summer Duvet awards, for the third time. 

    Having previously been chosen in 2019 and 2021, this year the ES team said that the duvet was their frontrunner as it gives the best summer night’s sleep yet. They loved that it was made with natural and sustainable plant-based materials from ethical sources and that it was easy to care for.

    Our Botanic duvet range was launched in 2019 as an option for customers who wanted a wool-alternative product but did not want to go down the non-sustainable synthetic duvet route. Our Botanic duvets are soft and silky, and made with 100% plant-based fibres containing TENCELäLyocell, from certified sustainable wood sources, and processed through an Eco award-winning process. These fibres are used for the filling and the casing for the duvets, so we are literally

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