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  1. Why are wool pillows perfect for Winter?

    Why are wool pillows perfect for Winter?

    One of the most important factors for a good night’s sleep is making sure you have the most comfortable pillow you can lay your head on. Most of us know what we prefer when it comes to our favourite pillow, but it can be difficult to find one that does everything you need, year-round.  

    What’s more, there are those of us who prefer to sleep with the window open, even in Winter. Including when the rain is lashing down outside, the wind is howling and the curtains are blowing. Others prefer to keep everything tightly closed and have the heating on all night. So how do you find a pillow that keeps your head warm if you’re one of the former, but also ensures that you don’t overheat if you’re one of the latter?

    The best solution is a wool pillow because wool is naturally breathable and temperature regulating. It therefore keeps you warm when you are cold and vice versa, and a wool pillow will adjust to your body temperature throughout the night, helping a more restful sleep.

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  2. Snuggle up and take a little ‘me’ time this Winter

    Snuggle up and take a little ‘me’ time this Winter

    It might be colder at this time of year but that gives us all the excuse to tap into the snuggle factor and enjoy some ‘me’ time. Everyone has their favourite way of doing this, but we thought we’d share ours and hopefully add some ideas into the mix!

    Scents and Scentsability

    Turn down the lighting and add some gorgeous scented candles. There are loads of different kinds available but good Winter scents include cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla, pine, frankincense and apple. All these scents work well together so you can mix and match for a fantastic scentsation!  You could also put on your creative hat and create some homemade Potpourri with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, star anise and dried orange slices. You can purchase the latter in a craft store or make your own. Slice up two or three oranges into thin rounds about 1/4 inch thick. Blot with kitchen paper and put the slices on racks in your oven on a low temperature, for about 3 hours, to dry out. Remember to check on them regularly to ensure they don’t burn! You could also thread these on string with cinnamon sticks and bay leaves and hang up. 

    Winter Warmers

    It takes a lot to beat a hot toddy or soothing spiced fruit juice – you don’t need to have a cold as an excuse to mix one up!  Here are a few suggestions; some with alcohol, some without, but obviously everything in moderation! 

    • Gin has seen a big rise in popularity and so why not take it one stage further…hey presto, the Hot Gin Toddy!  Mix 1 ½ oz of your favourite gin with ¾ oz of fresh lemon juice, 2oz hot water, 1 tsp sugar and garnish with a cinnamon stick.
    • The Hot Apple Toddy can be made with or without alcohol. All you need is 1 tsp of runny honey (Winnie the Pooh’s favourite thing!), 2oz of whiskey or apple brandy, 5oz apple cider (warmed through), a lemon wedge, a cinnamon stick and 2 cloves. Just pop the honey into a sturdy glass, add the whiskey or apple brandy, top with hot apple cider and garnish with the cloves, lemon wedge and cinnamon stick. If you want the non-alcoholic version, replace the whiskey/apple brandy and cider with hot apple juice.
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  3. Top Tips To Get Ready For Winter

    Top Tips To Get Ready For Winter

    According to some weather pundits, we could be in for a particularly cold winter this year. Even if we aren’t bombarded with snow and icy winds, there’s something about the colder weather that makes us want to tuck in and snuggle up.

    Of course, there are plenty of tasty treats to help keep us warm (hot chocolate with marshmallows, hearty soups with cheesy garlic bread - for example) but there are also practical things we can do to help us prepare our homes for winter too. You’ve probably got a list but here’s a few suggestions from ours!

    Staying snug indoors

    • The last thing we want is for our central heating to break down and so booking a boiler service ahead of the rush will keep things ticking over nicely. It’s also worth checking that the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarm are still good to go. We probably all have a drawer full of radiator keys for bleeding the radiators – well, now’s the time we can actually use them! 
    • Your loca
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  4. Not all wool duvets are created equal...

    Not all wool duvets are created equal...

    Not getting a good night’s sleep is debilitating and if sustained over a long period can affect your health - and ultimately your family life, work and leisure time. Your brain uses the time you are asleep to re-wire itself and set down memories, and the rest of your body gets to work on repairing any damage done during the day.

    So, making sure that you get your 7-8 hours of restful sleep is worth investing in. A big factor in that is having the right sort of duvet to help you achieve it. There are all kinds of duvets out there, natural and synthetic, widely available at retailers – and even at supermarkets – but our award-winning Certified 100% British wool duvets are regularly acknowledged by our customers to be the best duvets they’ve ever had. We’ve also topped the list in publications such as The Independent and Evening Standard. 

    Wool is an amazing product; it’s naturally breathable and temperature regulating, keeping you warm when it’s cold, and vice versa. It

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  5. Get ready to snuggle up...

    Get ready to snuggle up...

    The days may be getting shorter but Autumn, with its glorious colours and rustling leaves underfoot, can be wonderful. We put the question out there and asked some of our customers about the things that they look forward to most at this time of the year.

    Naturally, the Autumn colours of the leaves was a firm favourite – fabulous oranges, golds and russets. Down here, in Devon, the bracken is changing colour too and the tors are covered in golden coloured gorse and lovely purple heather. There’s something very satisfying about the crunch of Autumn leaves under your wellies or walking boots and there are lovely shiny conkers everywhere.

    Hot chocolate featured high on the list too, especially if enjoyed in front of a live fire or log burner. There are plenty of delicious varieties out there to choose from. Check out Hotel Chocolat’s Classic Hot Chocolat, made from real chocolate flakes (in fact, 70% dark chocolate - perfect for real chocoholics) or Green & Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate. For extra indulgence, add some cream on top or a big squishy marshmallow.

    Frosty mornings and cosy nights in also made the list, especially when being in the warm when it’s wet and windy outside. We have to agree that being tucked up in bed whilst listening to the wind outside makes us feel extra cosy.

    However, perhaps not unsurprisingly, at the top of the list was ‘snuggling up’. The snuggle factor featured in a variety of ways but the four most popular were: Snuggling in front of the fire, snuggling with the cat or dog, snuggling in a dressing gown, snuggling in the duvet.

    On that latter note, we’re here to help! For extra snuggliness, our 100% British wool duvets are just the ticket. Each one is hand crafted from beautiful soft wool, that’s responsibly sourced and then cleaned and needled in a British mill, without the use of chemicals or bleach. These soft fluffy wool layers are then placed between a layer of 100% natural cotton and then expertly hand stitched by our brilliant seamstresses in our Devon workshops. 

    Ultra soft and cosy, wool is naturally breathable and temperature regulating, so keeps you warm when it’s cold and vice versa. It also resists dust mites so helps to alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma. We find that our customers are very particular about the sort of weight they prefer for their wool duvets, so check out our inf

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  6. How to choose the best duvet for all seasons

    How to choose the best duvet for all seasons

    Our customers often ask us for advice on choosing the perfect duvet. It’s no wonder really; your 7 - 8 hours sleep is very important for your health and well-being and it is surprising how many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep, without realising that their choice of duvet is a major factor. You need to consider what duvet works well with not just your body temperature but also the temperature of your bedroom. Here’s some helpful information, taken from ‘often asked’ customer questions, to help you decide what works best for you:

     Why are duvets made from natural materials going to help me to sleep better?

    First and foremost, a duvet made from natural products is going to be far better at temperature regulating that one made from synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are not naturally breathable so are unable to adapt to your changing body temperature. So, it’s good to know that all of our duvets are made from ethically-sourced, 100% natural materials, including  our certified 100% British wool duvets, plant based, vegan-friendly Botanic range and our Mulberry silk duvets, all of which will help to keep you warm when you are cold and vice versa. What’s more, all the materials we use in our duvets are ethically sourced and 100% sustainable so are eco-friendly. Neither do we use glues, bonding agents or artificial fibres so there is nothing next to your skin other than what nature intended.


    What is the best duvet for a warm bedroom?

    As your body prepares itself for sleep, your body temperature will drop slightly. However, if you are living in a city (which tends to be warmer than in rural areas) or in an apartment block (where you are surrounded by the heating from other homes), or you prefer to keep your bedroom heated all night, it does make it harder for your body to self-regulate and go into sleep mode. You might also be dealing with the dreaded ‘night sweats’. In all these cases, you would probably find that a lightweight wool or lightweight Botanic duvet is suitable for you to use year-round. Our lightweight duvets are also perfect if you just need something a bit lighter for summer and we have achieved Best Summer Duvet awards for our wool and our Botanic duvets.

    What is an ‘all seasons’ duvet?

    An ‘all seasons’ duvet does pretty much what it says on the tin! We have various options for you to consider, including our medium weight wool duvets or our 100% Mulberry silk duvets. Additionally, our lightweight Botanic duvets have been so popular that we’ve now developed a medium weight version, suitable for year-round snuggling. Again, you need to consider the temperature in your bedroom and, of course, everyone’s natural body temperature when they sleep is unique to them. 

    What if I need a duvet that keeps me extra cosy in the Winter months?

    If you live in an area where Winter temperatures can drop dramatically, or if you prefer to keep your heating off in your bedroom, plus keep your bedroom window open (even if there is a howling gale

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  7. Why is our folding wool pillow so great for Uni?

    Why is our folding wool pillow so great for Uni?

    We all have our favourite pillow – and we choose it because it helps us to get a good night’s sleep. We can even find it difficult sleeping on an unfamiliar pillow and we certainly don’t want to share the one we like with anyone else! There are soft pillow people, firm pillow people and those that like extra neck support.

    Going away to Uni or College is a big step, especially if it’s your first time away from home. It’s good to know that if you have one of our patented 100% British wool folding pillows, you can take one of your home comforts with you. An unfamiliar bed in a new environment will seem that much more comfortable and help you to settle in. What’s more, its ingenious design means you can unfold it and put it in your suitcase, without it taking up too much room. 

    We’ve been making bedding for the last 10 years, using only 100% natural materials and our new wool folding pillows are no different. We came up with our patented design because it offers more flexibility than a standard pillow. 

    Basically, they are created out of sections, that fold over on each other to create whatever level of softness or firmness you prefer. You can opt for a 2-fold, 3-fold or 4-fold pillow. If you need extra neck support, you can keep one section flat, with a second one rolled up on top. Once the sections are in place, they tuck quickly and neatly inside a securing flap and then the whole pillow can be put inside your pillowcase. 

    The other great benefit of our folding wool pillows is that they are easier to keep clean and hygienic. When you sleep you lose a lot of moisture from your head, which not only creates micro bacteria but also creates a nice, cosy environment for dust mites, which exacerbate allergies and asthma. With a folding wool pillow, this is easy to avoid. Wool is naturally dust mite resistant, so that deals with that problem, and to keep your pillow fresh, all you need do is unfold it and hang it out to air when changing your bedlinen. If your pillow needs a bit of extra cleaning, then it can be machine washed on a wool cycle, using a wool-friendly detergent.

    Check out the video to see how it all works and see how versatile your folding wool pillow will be.

    There are some other great things about our folding pillows. Firstly, the filling is made from Certified 100% British Wool, that’s responsibly sourced and fully traceable. The wool is cleaned, without chemicals or bleach, before being needled into a light and fluffy sheet, which is then encased in soft 260 thread count 100% natural cotton, in order to create the finished pillow. Each pillow is expertly handcrafted by our seamstresses in our Devon workshops and then packed into recyclable packaging, ready to send to you.

    In addition to being hypo-allergenic, wool is breathable so makes a wonderful temperature regulator, helping to keep your head cool when you are hot – and vice versa. This all helps to give you a better night’s sleep.

    You can order your pillow herebut if you have any specific questions, do get in touch on 01752 345399 or via [email protected]a nd let us know how we can help.


    We also do a range of 100% natural duvets and mattress toppers.



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  8. Why a wool mattress topper will help you get a better night’s sleep

    Why a wool mattress topper will help you get a better night’s sleep

    A mattress topper sits on top of your mattress to give an extra layer of comfort. It is thicker than a mattress protector and can also prolong the life of your mattress as they are easier to keep clean than a mattress.

    A mattress topper with a soft, flexible filling will make a big difference to your comfort level in bed and provides additional support whilst you sleep. They are also fantastic when used with a sofa bed, to provide a bit of extra thickness and comfort. All you need do when your guest has left, is fold up the mattress topper and put it away.

    The most important factor in a mattress topper is the material with which it is made.  At Devon Duvets, our mattress toppers are made from Certified 100% British Wool, from responsible sources and encased in 100% cotton. The cotton casing is woven especially for us, to support the breathability of wool and is brushed on both sides to create a luxurious feel and help it to stop sliding around on your mattress. There are also broad elastic straps at each corner to help hold it in place.  Each of our mattress toppers is handcrafted by our expert seamstresses in our Devon workshop, where quality is paramount.

    Wool is a naturally hypo-allergenic material that is anti-bacterial and resists dust mites. This helps to alleviate the symptoms of allergies or asthma and, thereby, aids a good night’s sleep. Additionally, because wool is breathable, it makes a wonderful temperature regulator, helping to keep you cool when you are hot – and vice versa. It’s also gorgeously soft!

    Although some people might consider a mattress topper to be a luxury, in fact it can really help if you suffer from back or joint pain, as it provides a soft layer beneath your body but you will still have the additional support of your mattress underneath. Sometimes it can be a struggle to turn or flip a mattress as recommended by most mattress manufacturers  but this is easy to do when all you are flipping or turning is a mattress topper – and you have the added benefit of being able to keep it clean. 

    Our wool mattress toppers are easy to care for; turn regularly on the bed and use both sides. To keep fresh simply hang outside to air. Any areas requiring more attention can be spot cleaned.

    All of our mattress toppers are available in standard UK single to emperor sizes and also in standard

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  9. A great night's sleep leads to triple celebration for Devon Duvets

    A great night's sleep leads to triple celebration for Devon Duvets

    As a family-run business, we put our heart and soul into developing and crafting our products in our Devon workshops because we want you to have the best possible night’s sleep. We know from thousands of happy customers that making gorgeously comfy bedding is what we’re good at - but it’s so more than that. We also work hard to ensure our products are ethically sourced, sustainable and eco-friendly, with every step of each process carried out to our exacting specifications.

    So, you can imagine how thrilled we are that we’ve achieved recognition and praise from two of the UK’s top publications this year for two of our duvets.

    The Independent reviewed a selection of summer duvets and our lightweight wool duvet was awarded Best Summer Duvet, chosen from amongst a selection of duvets, made from a variety of materials. In case you missed it, here’s the link: 

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  10. Which foods will help me get a better night's sleep?

    Which foods will help me get a better night's sleep?

    In today’s busy and full-on world, there is an increasing number of people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. According to a report from the Mental Health Foundation, up to a third of adults in the UK suffer from insomnia, either in the short term or for longer. It is no surprise, therefore, that results from a recent survey show that 95% of those with insomnia have difficulty in staying awake during daylight hours, ultimately impacting on their work and personal life.

    One of the key factors in aiding a good night’s sleep is obviously the kind of bedding that you use but another is what you eat, particularly in the hours before you tuck yourself into bed. So, we’ve put together a few tips below on foods that can help promote a more restful sleep and we’ll also tell you a bit about our range of natural duvets and why they can also help.

    Firstly, it is best to stick to regular mealtimes, spaced throughout the day, but trying to opt for a lighter meal or snack in the evening. Heading off to bed within two hours of eating a large meal will stop you from getting a good night’s sleep and is likely to be cause a certain amount of discomfort throughout the night, especially if you suffer from reflux or heartburn. Processed meats, high fat foods (such as burgers, pizzas), fried foods and spicy curries take even longer to digest and could also keep you awake if eaten too close to bedtime. Sodium-rich foods will make you thirsty during the night, another major factor in sleep disruption.

    One of the biggest - and best known - culprits is caffeine, so drinking coffee or your preferred cuppa made from black tea will perk you up, rather than setting the scene for a good slumber. Alcohol is used by many to relax at night but it actually prevents your body from entering deep stages of sleep so you won’t feel properly rested when you wake up in the morning,

    Our bodies produce various hormones that help us fall asleep, Melatonin being the most important as it regulates your daily sleep-wake cycles. Eating melatonin-rich foods can assist in boosting this process and if eaten regularly can help regulate your sleep cycles. These include cherries, kiwi fruits, nuts and seeds, oats, rice, fish and eggs. 

    Magnesium, calcium and zinc are important minerals for a good night’s sleep. These can be found in dark leafy greens, avocado, bananas and tahini (the latter is used in the popular Middle Eastern dish, hummus). Niacin (one of the B Vitamins) is thought to improve the REM cycle of sleep and reduce waking in the night. This can be found in beetroot, poultry and peanuts.

    If you need a warm drink before bedtime, then try a herbal tea. Those that include chamomile or valerian are popular and promote relaxation, and other options include passion flower and lemon balm.

    The best pre-bedtime snacks include a combination of carbohydrate and protein as these will help your body to produce melatonin and another hormone, serotonin, which can also help you get a better night’s sleep. The key word is snack; too much and you’ll be filling yourself up. As in all things…everything in moderation!

    Fluctuation in body temperatures (i.e. if you’re cold one minute and hot and bothered the next), will disrupt your sleep, making you tired and tetchy in the morning. This will be exacerbated if you are suffering from the dreaded ‘night sweats’ or an allergy, such as those caused by dust mites. Here’s where we come in! At Devon Duvets, we’ve spent years perfecting our range of natural wool duvets and our brand new range of Botanic duvets to optimise your sleep experience.

    Our wool duvets are made from Certified 100% British Wool, from responsible sources, and are naturally breathable so will self-regulate according to your body temperature. They are also resistant to bacteria and dust mites and there’s a choice of weights. We’re especially proud that our lightweight version, perfect for warmer months, has been named Best Summer Duvet by The Independent.

    Our Botanic range contains TENCEL™ Lyocell, a natural fibre made from 100% sustainable plant sources, manufactured through an ECO award-winning process. The only duvet of its kind that is registered by The Vegan Society, it is also able to self-regulate to your body temperature and is so beautifully soft that you’ll feel wrapped in luxury from head to toe.

    All of our duvets are 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and individually hand-crafted in Devon by our expert seamstresses.  We also produce a range of wool pillows and source a gorgeously soft, pure white, 450 thread count 100% Pima cotton bedlinen.

    NOTE:  Please always seek the advice of your doctor or other medical professional if you are suffering from sleeplessness or need any specific dietary advice.

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