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  1. Tips for tackling teen sleep issues

    Delayed sleep phase syndrome and sleep disorders

    Sleep is important for everyone, especially growing children and teens. Children who get enough sleep tend to have healthier immune systems and better memory, school performance and mental health.

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  2. Pancakes and Duvets

    A smiling woman sitting in bed, with a stack of fluffy pancakes. She looks happy and relaxed as she enjoys her breakfast in bed.

    Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 21st February this year and was traditionally a feast day, to include something sweet and delicious before Lent starts in the Christian faith. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday, dating back to Anglo Saxon times when the population went to church to be ‘shriven’ (absolved from their sins).

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  3. Night Sweats and Sleep

    Hot flashes and night sweats and hormone disorders

    What are night sweats?

     Sleep is essential for our overall health and wellbeing and a key factor in ensuring a good night’s sleep is the way our body regulates our core body temperature to keep it consistent throughout the night so that our sleep disruption is minimal.

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  4. Spring cleaning tips to keep your bedroom fresh

    Spring clean duvet washing with upholstery attachment

    A good Spring Clean can be very satisfying, especially as you will benefit from the results! So, gird your loins, get out the duster and vacuum cleaner and check out our tips for a great bedroom Spring Clean.

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  5. Why is Ethical Auditing important?

    Why is Ethical Auditing important?

    An ethical audit is an inspection or examination of processing and systems to ensure compliance with ethics-related requirements. In other words, it is an accredited third-party investigation into how well a company or organisation conforms to the ethical standards of its industry or society in general.

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  6. How sustainable is your duvet?

    Sustainable bedding sets with our natural collection and is environmentally friendly

    Sustainability is high on so many of our lists these days. It’s not just about what a product is made from but how that product is made as this can also make a big impact on the environment.

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  7. What makes a wool pillow so special?

    What makes a wool pillow so special?

    Pillows can be a very personal issue, with many people trying many types before finding the one that’s perfect for them. There are lots of options out there, with a choice of fillings, including feather, feather and down and synthetic or hollowfibre. However, as far as we are concerned wool is the cream of the ‘flock’ and this is why we only make wool filled pillows.

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  8. How better sleep can help build better bones

    How to improve your sleep with a better nights sleep and taking care of your body

    Wool Wellbeing Tip

    Studies have shown that lack of sleep can result in the interruption of new bone formation and researchers are looking at the association between a reduction in sleep and lower bone density in middle-aged and older women, especially those who are post menopausal.

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  9. What makes our quilted adjustable wool pillow so luxurious?

    What makes our quilted adjustable wool pillow so luxurious?

    We’ve been making 100% British wool filled pillows for 12 years and they’re one of our most popular products.  It was only natural, therefore, that we wanted to find a way to make a very special new pillow that would be even more luxurious for those looking for a pillow with even more British wool.

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  10. Should I buy a thick duvet?

    Woman snuggled under luxurious thick wool duvet

    It’s a choice we all need to make, do we invest in a really thick duvet for those occasional cold nights, or do we purchase a duvet that will comfortably keep us warm during most seasons?

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