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  1. Why we support British farmers by buying 100% British wool for our products

    Why we support British farmers by buying 100% British wool for our products

    Our thousands of happy customers know that we are committed to responsible sourcing when it comes to our wool bedding products. Some of our customers ask how we ensure that our wool comes from farms where the highest animal welfare standards are followed.

    The answer is that 100% of the wool we use is British wool and British sheep are some of the best cared for sheep in the world. In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is the government department responsible for many standards to do with environmental protection, food production and animal welfare. They exercise very strict controls over farmers and often visit unannounced to inspect animals in their care. Any farmer not considered to be upholding these standards would be banned from keeping sheep.

    Additionally, in Britain, the practice of ‘mulesing’ is a banned and illegal practice, whereas in many countries this is normal. By purchasing British wool, we are not only supporting British farmers, which is very important to us, but we also have the assurance that the sheep have not had to undergo this unnecessary and often painful practice. 

    British Wool is the organisation that works with British farmers, setting the standards for wool quality through their comprehensive grading system. They are also the approved provider for shearing and wool handling training in the UK, with a programme of courses that are recognised across the world and which are led by a team of registered, highly experienced instructors. At Devon Duvets, we only ever accept wool from live sheep that have been shorn in the Spring or Summer, when the sheep naturally need to lose their heavy fleeces.

    So, by purchasing one of our products made from 100% British wool that has been certified by the British Wool organisation, you can be confident that you are buying a high-quality product that comes from an animal that has been ethically treat

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  2. How to get a better night’s sleep during lockdown

    How to get a better night’s sleep during lockdown

    Sleeping patterns vary hugely from individual to individual but at the moment, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are reporting big changes in the way that they sleep.

    A recent survey carried out by market research company Ipsos MORI and King’s College London has suggested that whilst some people are sleeping more than usual, nearly two thirds of the public have reported some negative impact on their sleep, with more than half of the UK population struggling with sleep during the lockdown. Additionally, previous research reported patterns of disturbed sleep, insomnia and vivid dreams.

    This is entirely understandable, when everything is so unsettled. Many people are worried about their jobs, their families and their finances and we all know that stress can be one of the major causes for lack of sleep and this becomes a vicious cycle, with people becoming more stressed as a result of a lack of sleep. The survey was carried out in late May with 2,254 residents in the 16-75 age bracket. 

    There’s been lots of expert advice out there over recent weeks, including taking exercise, building a routine for your day (even if you are furloughed) and getting out in the sunshine, the latter of which is a mood ‘booster’ and also helps us to generate Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight also stimulates the production of melatonin, which regulates our ‘sleep and wake’ patterns. Reduced melatonin levels can lead to less sleep.

    Professor Kevin Morgan, a psychologist from Loughborough University, says that having a routine really helps to get a better night’s sleep and that preserving consistent sleeping patterns are important. Suddenly going to bed much later if you usually go to bed at 10:30pm is going to be a disruption to your sleeping pattern and when you add stress on top, that will make it worse. He also says it is best to save any sleepiness for bedtime, rather than taking extra naps during the day.

    Creating a cosy, welcoming bedroom space

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  3. A ‘Zero Waste’ policy is at the heart of our business

    A ‘Zero Waste’ policy is at the heart of our business

    At Devon Duvets, we have always been committed to responsible sourcing. It has been at the heart of what makes us tick, since Dick and Pauline Beijen founded the company over 10 years ago as we feel we all have a responsibility to help protect the world for future generations.

    For our award-winning wool bedding, we only ever use certified 100% British wool, from British farmers who only shear in the Spring and Summer, when the sheep naturally need to lose their winter fleeces. Our wool is then cleaned and milled in British mills, without the use of bleaches or chemical treatments before being individually hand stitched into 100% natural cotton casings by our expert seamstresses, here in Devon. 

    Our plant-based Botanic duvets are made from fibres containing TENCEL™Lyocell, made from sustainable wood sources through an Eco award-winning process. As with our 100% British wool duvets, each of our Botanic duvets is handcrafted by our seamstresses at our Devon workshops. Also an award-winner, our Botanic range was the first bedding of its type to be registered by the Vegan Society.

    We’ve also worked hard to make sure that all of our packaging is either recyclable or reusable.

    So, it’s not really surprising that our aim is to be sustainable in our everyday processes here at our Devon workshops, and this includes our long-held commitment to achieving a ‘zero waste’ policy

    The good news is that we’re almost there and are proud to say that over 99% of everything we produce in terms of ‘waste’ is either reused or recycled by other manufacturers or businesses in the UK, including off cuts from our duvet fillings and duvet casings.

    For example, if you use lined rubber gloves at home for household chores, chances are that you’ve already been using one of our recycled products. The ‘offcuts’ from our 100% natural cotton duvet casings are baled up into pallets and collected by a rubber glove manufacturer. The cotton is then recycled and u

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  4. How Americans started to hear all about Devon Duvets

    How Americans started to hear all about Devon Duvets

    We’ve been curious as to why, just recently, and all of a sudden we’ve started to get a lot more enquiries about our certified 100% British wool duvets from across the pond in the United States. At first, we thought our customers had friends or family in the USA and were spreading the word… however it turned out to be something entirely different!

    Many of our long standing customers will remember that in 2010, Monty Don featured our owners, Dick and Pauline, in the first ever episode of his Channel 4 series ‘My Dream Farm’. Dick and Pauline had decided to leave their busy international careers and settle down to a life on the land, having purchased a smallholding on Dartmoor, in Devon.  They quickly set about working on a number of craft-based projects, got a flock of sheep, learned about beekeeping and also started to talking to other local sheep farmers about making products using wool. It was at this point that they were discovered by Monty Don and the journey began to start the process of making 100% British wool duvets on a wider scale – and Devon Duvets was born.

    We have since discovered that ‘My Dream Farm’ is currently syndicated across TV networks in the USA. It is proving hugely popular, and this is why we are receiving enquiries from potential customers living in various states across the USA. The fact that our wool bedding products are handcrafted in the UK, using 100% British wool, seems to be resonating with people. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are looking for a 100% natural product that will help them to achieve a more restful night’s sleep - especially when getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important to overall health and well-being. Our thousands of happy UK customers already know about this and it seems that it’s catching on!

    As it was originally broadcast 10 years ago in the UK, you might not have seen the episode about the start of our journey, and although it isn’t still on catch up

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  5. Our 100% British wool duvets are 100% natural and chemical free

    Our 100% British wool duvets are 100% natural and chemical free

    You spend an average of 7-8 hours out of every 24 in bed and so what you sleep under is incredibly important if you want to be sure of a restful night’s sleep.

    At Devon Duvets we take sleep very seriously and our seamstresses at our Devon workshops take great care in handcrafting our certified 100% British wool duvets. Wool is such a beautiful natural and sustainable product that we want to keep it as close as possible to the way nature intended. 

    Wool has many wonderful features, including being naturally breathable and temperature regulating, helping to keep you cool when it’s hot, yet lovely and snuggly when it’s cold. As it is dust mite resistant and also resistant to the build-up of micro bacteria, it is naturally anti-allergy, which means it is the perfect bedding for those suffering from asthma or other allergies. It is also naturally fire retardant.

    We only ever buy top quality 100% British wool from British farmers, who have the highest standards of animal husbandry and who only shear live sheep in the spring and summer when they naturally need shearing. Our wool is certified by British Wool, the organisation responsible for collecting and grading British wool on behalf of the farmers.

    Our wool is then sent to British mills for cleaning (known as ‘scouring’). No chemicals or bleaches are used in the cleaning process – better for you and better for the environment. The wool is then needled to create ‘loft’, trapping air between the fibres and creating a luxuriously soft wool layer.

    Some wool duvet companies use wool that has been treated with chemicals to make it ‘washable’ but we don’t do this for two main reasons. Firstly, the chemicals used for this process are usually a form of chlorine gas, followed by a coating to smooth the wool fibres. When washed out, these chemicals can enter the wastewater systems and, if so, impacts on the environment. At Devon Duvets we are com

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  6. Why Devon Duvets are experts at making one-off bespoke bedding

    Why Devon Duvets are experts at making one-off bespoke bedding

    At Devon Duvets, our professional, time-served seamstresses have been making individually handcrafted certified 100% British wool bedding products, at our Devon workshops, for 10 years. 

    Our range includes wool duvets, mattress toppers and pillows in a selection of standard UK and EU sizes but did you know that, because everything is handcrafted, we are able to make bespoke items to customers’ exacting requirements? 

    We’re not restricted by large scale automated factory systems or machine sizes, so that makes us more flexible and our work that much easier when it comes to making something unusual. Also, because we make them here in Devon, we are able to quickly make any necessary adjustments on the spot, as required. We don’t have to wait to hear from a large scale operation unable to make just one specially sized product and who are based either inside or outside the UK – or even further afield.

    We’ve had many interesting requests for bespoke wool mattress toppers over the years – from aromatherapists wanting a specially shaped version to put underneath towels on their massage table, to seasoned campervan travellers needing that extra bit of comfort on their seat beds. Our seamstresses have been undaunted, cutting and stitching odd shapes, creating specially curved corners and sections with holes in the middle!

    Our customers have also requested special size wool duvets too, including for quirkily shaped beds, narrower duvets for berths on yachts and duvets for pets.

    Whatever shape or size the end product may be, you can be assured of superb quality, using responsibly sourced materials. We only ever use 100% British wool for that has been certified by the British Wool organisation and cleaned in British mills, without the use of chemicals or bleach. We don’t use glues or bonding agents and our wool fillings are encased in soft, ethically sourced 100% natu

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  7. How can a wool mattress topper help keep you cool in the warmer months?

    How can a wool mattress topper help keep you cool in the warmer months?

    Many of us have a mattress topper because we want that extra layer of ‘sink into’ comfort on top of our mattress. It also helps to provide some protection to our mattress. So if you’re considering getting your own slice of extra comfort, it’s worth bearing in mind that a wool mattress topper offers so much more because it has another beneficial function - to keep you cool in the warmer months, as well as keeping you warm when it’s cold.

    Wool is an amazing product, not only is it beautifully soft but it is also naturally anti-allergy as it resists dust mites, and because it is naturally breathable it can also help to stop the build-up of micro-bacteria. So it’s a healthy choice and particularly for those who suffer from asthma or other allergies.  

    The other benefit of this wonderful natural product is that it is temperature regulating and so, it can either dissipate heat away from your body if it’s hot, but also keep the warmth in its fibres to keep your body warm when it’s cold. If you’re suffering from ‘night sweats’ as a result of the menopause, then this is an extra bonus!

    A wool mattress topper will work with your mattress to keep your body temperature even throughout the night. This is especially helpful if you have a memory foam mattress as some types can trap heat when it’s hot, making it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

    Our wool mattress toppers are only ever made from certified 100% British wool, from British farmers who we know have the highest standards of animal husbandry and care. Our wool is cleaned at British mills, without the use of bleach or chemicals. We then encase the wool in soft 100% natural brushed cotton. We have been certified by British Wool and are allowed to display their logo on our packaging. So when we say you are buying a product made from 100% British wool, you can be confident that thi

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  8. Why our folding wool pillows are hygienic, easy care and better for a good night’s sleep

    Why our folding wool pillows are hygienic, easy care and better for a good night’s sleep

    Keeping bedding clean and hygienic is very important – and especially when it comes to pillows, which have contact with our heads and faces every night.

    This is where our unique, patented folding wool pillows come in!  Wool is a wonderful natural fibre that is breathable and heat regulating, transferring heat and moisture away from your skin. This creates a less susceptible environment for the development of micro-bacteria, making your pillow more hygienic. It is also dust mite resistant, making it an excellent choice for those needing a pillow to ease the symptoms of allergies and asthma in order to get a more restful night’s sleep.

    We only ever use certified 100% British wool to fill our folding pillows. Our wool comes from British farmers who have the highest standards of animal husbandry, with the sheep only being shorn in Spring and Summer, the times when they would naturally need to be relieved of their wool. The wool is then milled in British mills - cleaned without the use of bleaches or chemicals, meaning that only what nature intended is close to your face. The wool is needled into super soft sheets, then encased by us in 100% natural cotton, before being individually handcrafted into pillows by our expert seamstresses in our Devon workshops.

    We produce several options in our wool filled folding pillows; 2-fold, 3-fold and 4-fold. Each pillow is made out of sections that fold over on each other to create a pillow that is perfect just for you! You can discover more about how this works by watching the video on our website.

    Another reason that our folding wool pillows are so hygienic is that they are very easy to clean. For a refresh, just take your pillow out of its pillowcase, unfold and hang out to air when you change your bedlinen. You can do this between bedlinen changes if you wish. If you want a deeper clean, then unfold your pillow and machine wash on a wool cycle,

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  9. Why Little Lana by Devon Duvets is the best hypoallergenic duvet for your child

    Why Little Lana by Devon Duvets is the best hypoallergenic duvet for your child

    There’s nothing more distressing that seeing your little one in discomfort and not able to sleep properly at night, due to an allergic reaction. According to The Children’s Allergies website, approximately 10% of children will produce antibodies in reaction to a dust mite allergy, resulting in an allergic reaction such as asthma.

    The problem is that dust mites love the damp, bacteria-friendly environment of our beds and the bedding on it. There is a plethora of synthetic bedding options to try and combat this but as we are all increasingly aware of our responsibility to the planet, these end up being a problem for the environment when it’s time to change the bedding, for the simple fact that they are not biodegradable. So how can we ensure we are getting comfortable, hypoallergenic bedding for our child as well as doing the best for our planet? 

    At Devon Duvets we’ve spent years in developing the perfect natural alternative and it involves wool. Our Little Lana wool duvets are filled with the softest, fluffiest 100% Certified British Wool, from fully ethical and traceable sources. We do not use bleach or chemical treatments during the process of preparing the wool for the filling of our duvets and they are fully biodegradable when the time comes to replace them.

    We think our duvets make the best bedding for all children, but why are our wool duvets so particularly perfect for your allergy-suffering child? For the simple fact that wool is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and has unique properties that resist dust mites. This helps to alleviate the symptoms of allergies such as asthma and so can help your little one to fall asleep and have a peaceful night.

    The other great benefit of our Little Lana duvets is that they are encased in soft 260 thread count 100% cotton and there are no artificial fibres, materials or bonding agents used so your child won’t suffer the irritati

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  10. Why a wool duvet helps to deal with night sweats in every season

    Why a wool duvet helps to deal with night sweats in every season

    There are so many things about the menopause that no one tells you about, so when it happens, some of the symptomscan be quite a nasty surprise. Everyone is different but these can range from hot flushes to brain fog (remind me why I went into the kitchen again) to difficulty in concentrating, and from achy joints first thing in the morning to heart palpitations. Even crying for some bizarre reason over what appears - to everyone else - to be a totally innocuous TV advert.

    Probably the worst thing of all is suffering from those debilitating ‘keep waking up every hour’ night sweats. So, it might surprise you to know that the type of bedding you sleep in can make a huge difference in helping you to get a more restful night. Synthetic bedding can make you feel even more uncomfortable, so we’d always recommend choosing 100% natural bedding. The last type of bedding that you might expect to be of help is…wool. 

    Most people associate wool with the colder months and, of course, it’s great for that. Snuggly, comfy and comforting. However, because wool is a 100% natural product, it is breathable and temperature regulating, which makes it perfect for bedding. It can adjust to your body temperature, keeping you warm when you’re cold but also keeping you fresher and cooler when you’re hot, so ideal for summer as well as winter. Wool can even adapt to your body temperature as it changes through the night, so you’ll end up sleeping better and feeling less tired when you wake up. If you are sharing your duvet with your partner, your wool duvet will adapt to each of you and your individual body temperatures.

    At Devon Duvets, we go one step further. We’ve been making award-winning duvets from wool for 10 years…and not just any wool. We only use the very highest quality 100% British wool and from British farmers we know. As a result, we are certified by British Wool and our wool duvets carry the British Wool mark. This means you can be confident that whe

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