20% off our all woollen bedding mattress comforter banner.20% off our all woollen bedding mattress comforter banner.


  1. Prepare Your Bedroom for Comfort with our British Wool Mattress Toppers

    Although we have four seasons a year, sometimes temperatures can vary from week to week (or even day to day!), so it's not always easy to decide when it's the right time change your soft bedding to match the weather outside. Read our blog to find out how our luxurious British wool mattress toppers are perfect for any season. 

  2. Pancakes and Duvets

    Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 21st February this year and was traditionally a feast day, to include something sweet and delicious before Lent starts in the Christian faith. It is also known as Shrove Tuesday, dating back to Anglo Saxon times when the population went to church to be ‘shriven’ (absolved from their sins).

  3. 12 Days of Christmas

    Christmas provides many of us with the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. It’s a break from work but we often find ourselves running around, doing all those last-minute preparations that we haven’t had time for earlier in December. Whether that’s ‘panic’ shopping, present wrapping, food preparation and cooking, it can sometimes take over our much needed ‘me time’ after a year of working hard. As many in one in three Brits suffer from sleep problems and the excitement (and stresses) of this often eagerly awaited holiday can exacerbate this.

    So, here are some tips that will let you have fun but also still get the sleep you need.

  4. Welcome to ‘Flaming June’ and a wonderful summer!

    June is named after the goddess Juno (also known as Hera by the Ancient Greeks), the Roman goddess of marriage, children and family. It was said to be especially lucky to marry in June, when marriages would be blessed by her. June is also the month when the summer solstice falls in the northern hemisphere and the ‘longest day’ is still celebrated by many cultures.

  5. Happy Easter from Devon Duvets

    “Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket.” Evan Esar, Author and Humourist.

  6. Why we would like to share our October newsletter with you

    We know that not all of you who read our blogs are signed up to our newsletters, so we thought we’d share it here. Our newsletters are a mix of our latest news, behind the scenes insights, details about new products, as well as any members-only competitions.