20% off our all woollen bedding mattress comforter banner.20% off our all woollen bedding mattress comforter banner.

Our Planet

  1. The Hidden Cost: Why Ethical Production Matters

    Explore the hidden costs of everyday items and learn why ethical production and sustainable sourcing matter for workers, animals, and the planet.

  2. 5 sustainable ways to recycle your old pillow

    What do you do with your old pillow when the time comes to replacing it? If you have a pillow made from natural wool, then there are a few ways you can recyle it to be more sustainable. Read our blog to discover five alternatives to putting your pillow out with your weekly rubbish.

  3. From farm to bedroom: Why we don't treat our wool with chemicals

    Our committment to sustainability has been at the core of everything we do, even before we starting crafting our famous wool bedding products. That includes not using chemical treatments when we wash and process our wool. Better for you, better for the planet - and ensures the wool fibres stay as nature intended. Read on to find out more...

  4. Navigating the challenges to ensure authenticity

    At Devon Duvets we have always strived to be true to ourselves and to be authentic. Discover how we navigate the challenges to ensure authenticity, not only in our products but also in our day to day processes, the way we work with our suppliers and in the sharing of our values with our customers. 

  5. Choosing the Earth: Devon Duvets stands against plastic pollution

    Earth Day is 22nd April 2024 and this year's theme is is "Planet vs. Plastics". Read our blog to find out how, at Devon Duvets, we stand in solidarity with the mission to phase out plastics and how our commitment to crafting sustainable products offers consumers a responsible choice in helping to achieve it.

  6. How Devon Duvets shares its magic through unique bedtime stories

    Over the past few months we've been launching an enchanting series of bedtime stories, each one of which embodies our commitment to sustainability, nature, craftsmanship - and to you, our customers. Our stories describe the magic behind the creation of our award-winning products, and we invite you to share in the warmth behind each one. Read our blog to find out more.

  7. Devon Duvets - A visual journey and a testament to sustainability

    The Devon Duvets journey started over 15 years ago when Dick and Pauline moved to a small holding on Dartmoor. We hope you enjoy our video in this blog and we invite you to join our journey.

  8. Why our products are individually handcrafted

    At Devon Duvets we believe that an individually handcrafted duvet, topper or pillow will speak for itself in terms of quality, cosiness and a great night's sleep. Read our blog to find out why we are soft bedding pioneers that go the extra mile, from the responsible sourcing of raw materials to crafting each product in our Devon workshops with expertise and love. 

  9. Why Devon Duvets is committed to Sustainability and a Circular Economy

    At Devon Duvets, we’re not just committed to sustainability but also in ensuring our activities contribute to a ‘circular economy’. In our blog, we explain how we strive to bring the two together for a better future for our planet.

  10. Can I recycle my wool duvet?

    We are lucky at Devon Duvets because we have many customers who come back to us when they want to purchase further Devon Duvets wool duvets. We are also finding that more and more consumers want a wool duvet because they are natural and sustainable, and therefore a responsible choice when it comes to buying bedding.